Staring on October 1, 2014, Natalie Meador Nutrition will accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina.  Please check your policy to see if you qualify for nutrition services.

Pricing of Individual Nutrition Counseling Services:

Initial Consultation: $175.00

An initial consult will last for 75 minutes.  Prior to this consult, Natalie will send you a link to her nutrition questionnaire to be completed beforehand.  She will also request a 3 day food journal prior to the consult.  When you meet for the initial consultation, Natalie will provide nutrition counseling tailored to your specific nutritional concerns and goals.  This can include detailed personalized tips, educational handouts, and meal plans based on your current nutritional needs.  Together you and Natalie will determine realistic, short-term, attainable goals to help you achieve wellness.

Follow-Up Session: $120.00

A follow-up session will last for 60 minutes. When you meet for a follow-up session, Natalie will inquire about your progress in achieving the previous goals set at the last appointment.  Nutrition education will once again be provided and new goals, when appropriate, will be made to ensure the continued progress towards wellness.  Specialized sessions may include nutritious and delicious menu planning, kitchen pantry makeovers, and review of favorite restaurant menus.

Supermarket Tour: $120.00

Natalie is also happy to arrange a time to meet and give you a Supermarket Tour at the food store of your choice within the Cary area. This hour long tour will provide you with the necessary skills to make you a savvy, healthy shopper for your nutritional concerns.

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