Happy St. Patty’s Day: Going for the Green!

Its true, when people say “Happy St. Patty’s Day!” many people think of green, shamrocks, and leprechauns.  This St. Patrick’s Day, I challenge you to go for the green and load up on cruciferous veggies! Many people may know of cruciferous veggies as kale, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, but in actuality they include many more green veggies than you may think.  What better way to “go for the greens” on St. Patty’s Day, then to learn a bit more about these wonderful, diverse and flavorful veggies. Overall cruciferous veggies are good sources of fiber, and many contain vitamins K, C, and E, folate, potassium, calcium and many cancer-fighting and anti-inflammatory carotenoids. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite green veggies and a new recipe featuring some yummy greens: Broccoli Both the stalks and florets of broccoli are nutritious … Continue reading

Got Veggies?

Got veggies?  How fun would it be to see a campaign promoting this question?  Instead of milk mustaches, perhaps we would see kids creating funny faces using veggies.  During National Nutrition Month® I find it fun to inspire people to look at food in a new light.  This year, I hope to help people look at fiber in a new light. Fiber is not just some powder mixed in a drink or a brown twiggy type of breakfast cereal.  Rather, fiber comes in many forms and flavors such as fruits, veggies, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds.  A high fiber diet is filled with vibrant colors, satisfying flavors and a variety of textures.  The possibilities are endless! … Continue reading