Why Choose an RDN?

The authentic nutrition expert is an RDN or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  There are many people who claim to know about weight loss methods or who offer “nutritional advice”.  However, a registered dietitian nutritionist must go through extensive education and training in order to be licensed and certified in the the state of North Carolina.  A registered dietitian nutritionist must have: 1.) a college degree (either a Bachelor’s, Master’s and/or PhD) in nutrition or dietetics from an accredited college or university; 2.) completion of an extensive supervised clinical and managerial internship at an accredited institution;  and 3.) successfully pass a rigorous national Registration Examination for Dietitians.  Additionally, an RDN maintains recertification by completing at least 75 hours of continuing education every 5 years.  These qualifications make RDNs the most respected source for nutrition information and counseling.

What Occurs During an Initial Consult?

An initial consult will last for one hour.  Prior to this consult,  Natalie will send you a link to her online nutrition questionnaire to be completed beforehand. She will also request a 3 day food journal prior to the consult.  When you meet for the initial consultation, Natalie will provide nutrition counseling tailored to your specific nutritional concerns and goals.  This can include detailed personalized tips, educational handouts, and meal plans based on your current nutritional needs.  Together you and Natalie will determine realistic, short-term, attainable goals to help you achieve wellness.

What is a Follow-Up Session?

When you meet for a follow-up session, Natalie will inquire about your progress in achieving the previous goals set at the last appointment. Nutrition education will once again be provided and new goals, when appropriate, will be made to ensure the continued progress towards wellness. Specialized sessions may include nutritious and delicious menu planning, kitchen pantry makeovers and review of favorite restaurant menus.

How Long Can Counseling Last?

The duration of counseling will vary from person to person.  The goal of counseling is to instill lifelong skills that will enable you to nourish your body with good nutrition to promote health and wellness.  This takes time.  It can be expected that following the initial one hour consult, that you will have several follow-up sessions until you feel you have mastered the skills necessary to achieve your nutritional health and wellness goals.  It is entirely up to the client to determine how often follow-up consultations will occur.  Natalie is committed to providing you support and guidance on your journey to a new and more healthier you!