Natalie Meador, MPH, RDN, LDNBegin your journey to a healthier you……

Natalie Meador Nutrition provides individualized nutrition recommendations tailored to meet your personal health goals.  Natalie enjoys working with her clients to devise a step-by-step plan that will promote beneficial changes for a lifetime.  Natalie will guide, encourage, and motivate you to meet your health goals.  Whether you are striving to lose weight, learning a particular diet due to medical reasons, or trying to provide the best nutrition possible to your family–Natalie Meador Nutrition can help you to achieve wellness through good nutrition.

Initial Consultation Tailored to Meet Unique Nutritional Needs

View More: http://photographybystephaniekay.pass.us/nataliethenutritionistNo two initial consultations are alike, because Natalie takes time to customize your meal plan and tailor your nutrition therapy course based on the results of your nutrition questionnaire and the analysis of your 3 day food journal.  Since these items are completed prior to the initial consultation, they help Natalie to best meet your nutritional needs starting with the very first appointment.


Natalie Meador Nutrition is based in Cary, NC. Natalie accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina insurance and serves the Triangle area.

The office is located at:  302 Pebble Creek Drive, Cary, NC 27511.

Phone: 919-473-6454